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Welcome to Studio  Tres Picos, the studio of  Martha Rea Baker in the Art Barns at Old Road Ranch near Santa Fe, New Mexico! From this site the artist will keep you informed on new work, exhibitions and events. What a joy to be painting in an area so rich in history and culture!

Martha is a visual artist creating abstract paintings in oil/cold wax, acrylic and encaustic.

With her move to Santa Fe in 2006, came an opportunity to study the art of painting with hot wax. Encaustic is an ancient medium of melted beeswax and resin, fused with heat. The luminosity, depth, and richness of color achieved by working with this process is difficult to duplicate in any other medium.


Encaustic  Desert Cadence

Martha has also added the process of mixing Gamblin cold wax medium with oil paint to achieve a rich textural surface. This mixture has proven excellent for expressing the passage of time and its effects on our environment.



Canyonlands IV 48″ x48″ SOLD

Oil/Cold Wax