Oil/Cold Wax Gallery


Quiet Conversation Diptych 40

Quiet Conversation Diptych—40″ x 60″

Dordogne Revisited II--------60

Dordogne Revisited II—60″ x 48″—SOLD

Dordogne III---48

Dordogne III—48″ x 36″

Dordogne Revisited I 60

Dordogne Revisited I—60″ x 48″—SOLD

Cliffhanger Diptych----72

Cliffhanger Diptych—-72″ x 60″—-SOLD

The Butterfly Effect ---- 60

The Butterfly Effect —- 60″ x 48″ —- SOLD

Barranca IV---- 48

Barranca IV—- 48″ x 48″—-SOLD

Chronos, Variation 1----36

Chronos, Variation 1—-36″ x 36″—-SOLD

White Village, Costa del Sol----76

White Village, Costa del Sol—-76″ x 66″—-SOLD

Canyon Walls Series

Cliffhanger III----24

Cliffhanger III–72″ x 30″ 

Cliffhanger II---60

Cliffhanger II—60″ x 36″—SOLD


Cliffhanger—-72″ x 30″—-SOLD

Traces of Time Series


Dordogne—40″ x 30″—SOLD

Dawn to Dusk---60

Dawn to Dusk—60″ x 30″ each—–SOLD

Night and Day---60

Night and Day—40″ x 60″—SOLD

Chronos V----30

Chronos V—-30″ x 30″–SOLD

Chronos VII----30

Chronos VII—-30″ x 30″—-SOLD

Chronos VIII----30

Chronos VIII—-30″ x 30″—-SOLD

Chronos VI

Chronos VI–30″ x 30″ —-Artist Studio

Chronos I---30

Chronos I—30″ x 30″—SOLD

Chronos II—-30″ x 30″—-SOLD

Chronos III—-30″ x 30″—SOLD

Slate—-24″ x 24″—-SOLD

Excavated Passages—-12″ x 18″–SOLD

Vertical 2—-36″ x 12″ Private Collection

On Golden Pond—-36″ x 36″ Diptych—-SOLD

Traces of Time 3—-12″ x 12″—-Browns Fine Art

Traces of Time 4

Traces of Time 4—-12″ x 12″ 


Red Division—-12″ x 6″–SOLD