Encaustic Gallery

Encaustic painting is an ancient medium using melted beeswax fused with heat. The word, “encaustic” comes from the Greek term (enkaustikos) meaning “to heat or burn in”. Heat is used throughout the encaustic painting process, from melting the beeswax and resin to fusing the layers of wax in the painting. Encaustic painting dates back to the Greeks, who used wax to caulk ship hulls and later added pigment to make decorative images. In Greco-Roman Egypt (100-200 AD), encaustic was used to paint wax portraits on mummy casings. The most famous of these  are known as the Fayum portraits. Unearthed almost 2000 years after their completion, they were found in tombs on high ground above the Egyptian oasis of Fayum, their colors as vivid as ever.Over time, encaustic went in and out of vogue as painters discovered easier, less labor intensive media such as tempera, fresco, oil painting and acrylic. In the twentieth century, the contemporary painter Jasper Johns is credited with reviving encaustic painting in the 1950s and 1960s. Today, thanks to new materials and techniques, encaustic is gaining popularity with artists and collectors worldwide.  
Having painted for thirty-five years, Martha  feels very comfortable with the encaustic medium and process. All the years of glazing with watercolor and layering with acrylic have given her a natural ease with encaustic. She enjoys building translucent layers, one  upon the other, and scraping away to reveal what lies beneath. A depth and luminosity of color can be achieved which is not possible in other media. She often juxtaposes transparency against opacity and adds collaged elements such as her own etchings, monotypes and embedded textures. The ultimate reward is a love of working with natural materials, the act of sealing it with heat and the result of a luxurious and beautiful surface.

Desert Cadence 36″ x 48″ SOLD

WinterGarden I<II<III

Winter Garden I,II,III 6″x6″ each SOLD

Autumn Garden I&II

Autumn Garden I, II 6″ x 6″ each SOLD


Tide Pool IV---30" x 30"----Encaustic----SOLD

Tide Pool IV—30″ x 30″—-Encaustic—-SOLD

Tide Pool V----30" x 30"----Encaustic

Tide Pool V—-30″ x 30″—-Encaustic—-SOLD


Martha’s  metallic encaustics involve painting with metallic wax and scraping away the top layers to reveal what lies beneath.    

The Alchemy of Bees—-24″ x 24″—–SOLD

Vanishing Point—-24″ x 24″—-Encaustic—-SOLD

Lessons from Antiquity 12″ x 12″ SOLD

Archipelago—12″ x 24″—Encaustic— SOLD

A Fine Line—18″ x 6″—SOLD



Canyon Textures IV----12" x 24" diptych

Canyon Textures IV–12″ x 24″ diptych-Karan Ruhlen Gallery

Vermillion Remnant—–20″ x 16″—–Courtesy of Brown’s Fine Art

Cinnabar I—12″ 12″—SOLD

Cinnabar II—12″ x 12″—SOLD

Red Wall—-24″ x 24″—SOLD

Canyon Textures II–12″ x 24″–SOLD

Canyon Textures III—-12″ x 24″—-Courtesy of Karan Ruhlen Gallery

Gold Mesa–8″ x 8″–SOLD

Vertical Drop–8″ x 8″– SOLD

Canyon Walls Series-Red Rock Veining–8″ x 8″

Chaco Summer Solstice—30″ x 30″—-Encaustic—-SOLD

Lichen—-30″ x 30″—-SOLD

Canyon Walls Series-Duet—12″ x 24″—-SOLD

Canyon Walls Series-Chaco Diptych                                   12" x 24"

Chaco—-12″ x 24″—-Encaustic—-SOLD

Canyon Walls Series-Canyon Textures  12" x 12"

Canyon Walls Series-Canyon Textures—-SOLD



Mississippi Blues I—–20″ x 16″—–Courtesy of Brown’s Fine Art

Mississippi Blues II—-20″ x 16″—–Courtesy of Brown’s Fine Art



Literary Composition I  12" x 12"

Literary Composition I—-SOLD

Infinite and Eternal  12" x 12"

Infinite and Eternal—-12″ x 12″—-SOLD