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  1. Linda Sommer said:

    I just love your work! Do you teach?


  2. Your work has such inspiring color handling. I shared it with my Facebook friends last night on my page. (They can use some relief from seeing mine! 🙂
    All the best to you!

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  3. Joan Warner Stivers said:

    How wonderful to find your blog and your beautiful acrylics. Congratulations on your amazing and prolific work. I wanted to tell you mom (Jo Warner) passed away peacefully this week at the tender age of 99! She drove until 2 years ago but stopped painting her watercolors at least 10 years ago. She loved her days of learning from you and local artists and we have her beautiful watercolors to treasure. All the best in your beautiful retirement. Keep up the energy. Warmest regards, Joan Stivers (still on Westbrook Dr.)


    • Hi Joan. Thank you for letting me know about your mother. I thought I had already replied to you, but I don’t see that my reply went through. I was with Maryanne Reeves in Kerrville at the Hill Country Arts Foundation when I got your note and we have many fun and fond memories of Jo and your dad, as well. She was a wonderful artist and special person.

      Thank you for your positive comments about my work. Martha


  4. Hi Martha,

    My name is Erin Ruddy and I am an Art Resourcer with Wendover Art Group. We are a wall décor manufacturer based in Central Florida. Our company creates and frames high-quality giclée reproductions for wall décor in retail, hospitality and healthcare markets.

    I recently came across your website and feel that your work would be an amazing addition to our line! I am currently looking for new abstract art for our Spring Tradeshow in High Point, North Carolina. To clarify, we do not license the original work of art, only images of the work. Our license agreement is non-exclusive which means that you would be able to work with galleries, create reproductions of your work and sell the originals. Please, let me know if this would be something that you are interested in pursuing and I would be happy to discuss our process with you in further detail.

    Many thanks!


  5. I really enjoy your series created while in Malaga, beautiful color, design, and compositions. I’ve also been experimenting with pouring wax with less than successful results. I don’t know if you’ll entertain a few questions about your technique. If so, I’d greatly appreciate any advice you can give.
    Q1: Is there a ratio of encaustic paint to medium that you use?
    Q2: How do you keep the paper from buckling or warping?
    Q3: When applying multiple colors, do you allow the previous color to set?
    Q4: What about the typical question of fusing? Is it necessary?


    • Hi Paul.
      Thank you for your kind comments about the Malaga poured paintings. I am happy to share a little knowledge.
      1. The paintings you saw were done with R&F encaustic medium in which the proportions of beeswax to damar are proprietary. However, when pouring (on paper especially) it is better to use less damar than usual so the wax will be more flexible.
      2. I use white Stonehenge paper (usually used for printing). It stays perfectly flat.
      3. I usually let the colors set slightly but pour the next layer while first layer is still warm so it will adhere, requiring less fusing. You can also pour immediately and get interesting “running” of color if it is the effect you want.
      4. Sometimes you don’t need to fuse at all if colors have adhered. I often fuse very slightly to be sure layers are stable. Obviously, over fusing can burn the paper.

      Good luck and happy pouring!


  6. Julie Bloom said:

    Hi Martha,
    Like everyone before me, I love your work and am taken with the layers of complexity, your use of color……etc., etc. I’m sorry to hear that you don’t teach as I would love to learn from you and would fly to Santa Fe in a heart beat to take a workshop. Do you recommend any other cold wax/oil painters in either New Mexico or in California who teach this medium?



    • Hi Julie.
      Thanks so much for your comments, very nice words, indeed!
      Rebecca Crowell lives in Wisconsin, however travels to other areas to give workshops. Although I work slightly differently with the oil/cold wax technique, she offers a world of knowledge and you would benefit from studying with her. Good luck, Martha


  7. Dear Martha,
    I am a gallery owner in Florida and would like to discuss representing your work in the gallery. We carry 20th Century, Post War and Contemporary masters as well as established Contemporary artists. My contact info is enclosed. I look forward to hearing from you.


    • Hi Lisa.

      Thank you so very much for your interest in my art. I am honored by your inquiry, however, at this time I would not be able to join another gallery. My plate is full with two galleries and family. Thanks again, Martha


  8. Hi Martha – I manufacture a premium cold wax medium in Austin Texas called Daneridge Wax. It is biodegradable, very low in toxicity, smells only of beeswax, and is food safe. It is also incredibly stable when incorporating encaustic. My wax is listed on Rebecca Crowell’s website as a product to use. She is very supportive of my wax endeavor’s. I would love to be your cold wax supplier and would like to send you a sample if you are interested.

    Kind regards – Chris


  9. Marian Lokey said:

    Martha Rea Baker is a wonderful artist and person. Using any medium she gives her paintings such clarity and meaning.

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  10. April Richardson said:

    I love your work!
    About a year ago I started painting and love the textured look of you and Rebecca Crowell but something was missing and then I realized that just acrylic was not it.

    I have a studio with everything except encaustic so my question to you is what combos work ?
    Acrylic first and then cold wax or can you use encaustic with cold wax ( thinking no be of oil).
    I am so frustrated !!!!an I use encaustic gesso on top acrylic ?
    hoping to see your place one day!

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


    • Hi April. Thank you for your nice comments about my work. I can see why you are frustrated with so much conflicting information on the web. I am sending you an email with the answers to some of your questions.I hope it helps. And I would recommend taking a class with Rebecca if at all possible. Martha


  11. Dear Martha,
    I am writing from our Gallery in Key West Florida, Gildea Contemporary Gallery. Please feel free to look us up. 90% of our artists are contemporary and we are committed to doing strictly contemporary art. Our info in listed below. Thank you for your time.
    Gildea Gallery
    (305) 797 6485


  12. We are definitely interested in showing your art here is Key West. Let us know of your interest.


  13. Ginger Kritz said:

    Hello, Martha. I am interested in Barranca I & II. Is it available for sale, and if so can you please tell me the price? Thank you.


  14. Jamie hoffman said:

    Interested in your work..need large piece..would love to see what you have that is available..beautiful work!,,,


  15. Bobbi Henson said:

    Are you offering any workshops? Your work is so stunning.


  16. Is it by design? You do not have a contact form. I love your artwork. I have even been drawn to it numerous times when seeing it in a sea of images on Pinterest.

    I have a technical question. Today I saw a photo of you working on a large scale piece. I am curious what you use as a support for large works. Thank you very much.


    • Hi Georgia. Thank you for pointing out the lack of a contact form. And I appreciate you kind words about my art!

      I use both cradled panels and stretched canvas for large scale works. For 48 x 60 and larger, I tend to use stretched canvas due obvious reasons of weight and ability to handle the work in progress.
      Happy creating,


  17. James Poppell said:

    Hi Martha,
    We purchased Haiku IV and Haiku V a few weeks ago in Santa Fe. They are a beautiful addition to our Austin home! Keep up the great work!



  18. Henrij Marsman said:

    Thanks for the wonderful paintings and the extra work you had to make it possible to bring Jardin 3 and Jardin 4 to The Netherlands.
    We proudly show them to our friends they find them very beautiful.
    We appreciated it very much and say once again thank you (dank u wel).
    Henrij and Hermine Marsman

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  19. Your painting Cliffhanger III—-72″ x 24″ is very lovely. Is it available for purchase?


  20. hello,
    I found one of your paintings on pinterest. I love your artwork & it speaks to me. I would like to know where and how much do they range? I am a novice and am eager to start collecting art. I’m from Los Angeles. Thank you.


    • Hi Jen. Thanks for the nice comments about my work! You can inquire about and purchase my paintings at Owen Contemporary in Santa Fe and Brown’s Fine Art in Jackson, MS. They both have websites showing available work. Many thanks, Martha.


  21. We have just come across your work, which we LOVE and feel it would sit very well at our gallery in the UK. Having ready them comments above, it sounds like you already have enough on your plate. If not, would you ever consider showing in England? we would very much like to include some of your work in a forthcoming exhibition. If you have time do take a look at our website is We work throughout the year collecting on behalf of private clients and interior designers all over the UK.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes,

    Josie Eastwood

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    • Greetings, Josie.

      Thank you for your kind words about my work. Forgive me for the delay in responding to your query.

      I am honored that you would be interested in representing my work in the UK. However the logistics of shipping work overseas and my current workload are prohibitive for me at this time.

      Thank you for your interest in showing my paintings in your gallery.
      Martha Rea Baker


  22. I wonder if you would be interested in being a juror for the MasterWorks of New Mexico 2018 Fine Art Show, held each April, now in its 20 year. Entries are digital and packets for the three jurors are delivered to your address for the jurying process.
    It would require your attention around the first week in February. I think your style and expertise and background would be a wonderful addition to our jury.
    Thank you for considering this! I can email a summary of what we are about if you like.


    • Good morning, Barbara. Thank you for your invitation to serve as a juror for your upcoming Masterworks Fine Art Show. Regretfully, I will not be able to accept. Ongoing obligations would prevent me from giving the project the time and attention it deserves. I appreciate your consideration and wish you a very successful exhibition! Cheers, Martha


  23. Do you do custom work? I love your wave paintings. Thanks, Janell


    • HI Janell. Do you refer to the La Mer encaustics at Brown’s Fine Art when you mention my wave paintings? Happy that you like them. What sort of custom work do you have in mind?



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