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Martha Rea Baker will be one of three artists featured in an abstract show opening May 23rd at Karan Ruhlen Gallery on Canyon Road in Santa Fe. Here is a sneak peek at a few of the new paintings Martha will be showing in this exhibit.

Formation III---48" x 36"---Acrylic

Formation III—60″ x 48″—Acrylic

Marking History I and II--40" x 30" each

Marking History I and II–40″ x 30″ each

Marking History I---40" x 30"---Acrylic

Marking History I—40″ x 30″—Acrylic

Marking History II---40" x 30"---Acrylic

Marking History II—40″ x 30″—Acrylic

Marking History III---448" x 36"

Marking History III—48″ x 36″—Acrylic

Stay tuned for a group of oil/cold wax paintings. They will be photographed and posted soon—-