Martha is pleased to announce that a “new medium” page has been added to her site. Since September, Martha has been exploring the rich medium of oil paint mixed with Dorland or Gamblin cold wax medium. This is an extremely time-consuming method,  however the results are stunning. The soft, waxy  textural surface is reminiscent of Encaustic. Watch for additional paintings to be posted soon. 

On Golden Pond---Oil/cold wax---36" x 36"----Courtesy of Brown's Fine Art


ABSOLUTELY NOT—-we have had questions concerning cold  wax medium, such as Dorland or Gamblin, and whether it can be mixed into acrylic paint. It is an oil based wax and, therefore, does not mix with acrylic paint, which is water based. MARTHA REA BAKER does, however, use cold wax as a final coat on her acrylic abstracts. The acrylic paint should be dry before applying a thin coat of cold wax. Allow the wax to dry and buff with a soft cloth.