The weather has turned cool in New Mexico and the cottonwoods have recently taken on a golden hue near Abiquiu in Georgia O’Keeffe country. Martha enjoyed a two-day painting trip capturing the spectacular northern New Mexico landscape in small, quick watercolor impressions. She managed to create 21 small paintings, recording the journey around Georgia’s White Place, the view of the Pedernal, El Rito, Rancho de San Juan and the Rio Chama.

 What an inspirational trip! One can sense the spirit of countless artists who have traveled these roads before and cannot help but be influenced by the special light and peaceful quality of the area.

Tiny Paintings–Big Impact!

Georgia's White Place 6" x 6"

Georgia’s White Place 6″ x 6″

On the Way to El Rito 4" x 6"

On the Way to El Rito 4″ x 6″

Rancho de San Juan  6" x 6"

Rancho de San Juan 6″ x 6″